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Our Academics

Academic opportunities are provided at all learning levels for student achievement. CCA strives to include a variety of resources and activities that stimulate and enhance learning. Curriculum across grade levels is aligned with Common Core State Standards (ELA and Mathematics), Diocesan curriculum guidelines, and California State Framework and Standards. For students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades, CCA offers an advanced math program. An accelerated math program is also offered for students in fifth grade. These programs are for those students who have consistently demonstrated the mathematical skills, knowledge, critical thinking skills, and the ability to be successful at a higher level of mathematics. Criteria for selection include: their performance on STAR testing, formative and summative class assessments, and teacher recommendation. This is a wonderful opportunity to advance ones math skills while building confidence through challenge.


The school has adopted Meet the Masters, an interactive, multi-media, engaging art curriculum that introduces students to famous artists. In addition, students can participate in events, such as, academic chess, the annual spelling bee, America On Track (AOT), homework club, science fair, and art show. Together, these programs allow for students to explore their interests and enrich the whole child.

Throughout the school year, CCA students have many opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities. Participation in co-curricular activities is contingent upon the student’s academic standing. Athletic programs, for students in grades 4th-8th, include participation in the Parochial Athletic League (PAL). Our school’s teams participate in the following sports: flag football (boys only), volleyball and basketball. Also, grades 1st- 8th participate in the annual PAL track meet. Team rules through PAL adhere to Catholic values, such as sportsmanship, strong work ethic, and support and encouragement of others. Teams incorporate prayer before and after each practice and before PAL games. CCA’s administration, teachers, athletic director, parent volunteers, and coaches effectively communicate to the parents and students the school’s expectations through signed agreements, emails, and meetings. The school has developed an extensive athletic program which includes a trainer, specialized coaches, and dedicated volunteers.