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Music is the universal language. 

Within the school’s mission to educate and develop students, the Fine Arts Program focuses on nurturing the self-discipline, dedication, and creativity necessary to succeed in the field of music and beyond.


The Fine Arts program at Christ Cathedral Academy (CCA) is and will continue to grow as an integral part of student education and development. The program works to develop well-rounded, musically literate students and encourages them to utilize their skills in maintaining faith centered lives and become active members of the community. The entire school is involved in everyday music classes which provide basic training in the vocal arts, general musicianship knowledge, and the development of musical skills that have been proven to aid in other academic concepts. Throughout the school year students perform for their parents and peers in two seasonal programs, as well as, utilize their musical training in the community by singing in Friday weekly Masses and monthly Saturday Masses. In the past year, the program has grown to include Preschool and now offers weekly classes to students age two through four. Concentrating mainly on movement based exercises and laying the foundations for music appreciation, this new facet of the program is an important step in the creation of a school-wide music curriculum. Though the program is still in its infancy, it has grown consistently in its first four years in order to meet State Content Standards, Schoolwide Learning Expectations, and the interest of parents and students. 


The Christ Cathedral Academy student body has demonstrated immense interest in the vocal arts, which led to the development of the after-school choral arts program. Starting as a small extra-curricular activity, this program quickly grew into a multi-level organization composed of two large choirs with membership reaching over 100 students in the past year. Performing as student leaders in weekly Masses, these students strive to encourage faith through music and give their time and talent to serve the Lord. The choral program also extends its reach into the community and annually participates in the Diocese of Orange Music Festival, City of Garden Grove Tree Lighting Ceremony, special Bishop’s masses, and Cathedral Productions. Partnering with nationally acclaimed artists, the program provides students the opportunity to work with experts in the arts and participate in professional theater productions, honor choirs, and the much anticipated Diocesan Children’s Choir which will be hosted on the CCA campus in the coming year.


Since its inception, the main intention of the fine arts program at CCA has been to meet the expectations of students and parents interested in the arts. This objective has led to the creation of both long and short term goals including but not limited to technology implementation, the development of strings and orchestra programs, and the establishment of instrument and repertoire libraries. Currently we are working towards the introduction of technology into the music room with the Ipad band project and composition exercises involving Garage Band and music theory applications. Our hope is that within the foreseeable future (3 to five years) the strings program will be established as an after-school program much like the choral arts. Most long term (5 to 7 years) is the installation of an instrument library and repertoire collection which will involve procuring instruments to be owned and rented by the school. Through proceeds collected during seasonal concerts and fund-raising efforts, purchasing a collection of appropriate music literature for the students to play and sing will be possible over time. The main intention towards the accomplishment of these objectives is to develop mature, knowledgeable students who are prepared to participate in ensembles to be utilized throughout the Diocese of Orange.


The Fine Arts program at CCA is currently divided into general music education classes and the after-school choral arts program. As we continually grow and develop, our ambitious goal is to achieve a three branched structure composed of designated departments for the choral arts, instrumental arts, and drama. Within the instrumental arts department the orchestra and a smaller strings program will operate, and similarly within the drama department a dance and theatre program will function. Overall, the Fine Arts program will oversee daily general music education for all students, as well as, provide these extra-curricular programs for those students who wish to seek additional training in a specific department.

2017 Diocesan Summer Choir Camp with Dr. John Romeri

2016 Diocesan Summer Choir Camp with Dr. John Romeri