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                Christ Cathedral Academy (CCA) provides a Learning Support Teacher to identify, informally assess, and work with students who have learning differences and/or attention issues.  The Learning Support program adheres to the process and procedures established by the Diocese of Orange for diversified education to support the learning needs of all students.  The process may include a teacher referral, a student study team, working with parents to guide the formal assessment process, coordinating services with our SELPA, creating an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) in collaboration with parents and teachers, working with the teachers to implement the accommodations and/or modifications in the ILP, and most importantly, working with students in an individualized manner.  In unity with the teachers and the Highly Effective Teaching (HET) model that we have opted to use in our classrooms, we optimize technology to offer blended learning and differentiation which helps not only learning support students but all students to grow.  Learning might also be achieved by having the Learning Support Teacher conduct small differentiated reading groups that reinforce the concepts presented in whole group instruction using our WONDERS curriculum either on a push in or pull out basis.  Students receiving learning support are closely monitored to ensure successful outcomes.


























              In keeping with CCA’s Mission Statement in nurturing the whole child - spiritually, intellectually, academically, socially-emotionally, and artistically - as well as upholding the Dominican charisms of the school (with our hearts, we pray; with our minds, we learn; with our hands, we serve; with our voice, we preach the Good News), the Learning Support program responds to each child in kind.  We partner with parents in the ongoing education of their children, viewing parents as the Church does, as primary educators of their children made in God’s image and likeness. We embrace the unique differences in our students and recognize the diverse learning styles of our children.


              Parent communication is supported by a variety of digital means, face-to-face meetings, phone conversations, and written communication.  We employ a flexible and holistic approach to responding to each child’s needs as they unfold organically throughout the year.

Barbara Tosques, Learning Support Specialist